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Photos: Sainsbury’s unveils Wednesfield Art

To mark the huge extension to the store in Wednesfield, Sainsbury’s has commissioned artists Ron Thompson & Julie Edwards of Planet Art to create two huge panels of artwork recognising the heritage of the village.

The two pieces of art contain over 90 panels, each representing a bit of Wednesfield, including  St Thomas’ Church, The Battle of Wodensfield, local industry such as trap making and locks, right up to Wednesfield’s London 2012 Olympic Bronze medal winning gymnast, Kristian Thomas.

Ron & Julie are also working on another unrelated project that will see a number of pieces of artwork forming a ‘trail’ between the Bentley Bridge retail complex and Wednesfield High Street – keep an eye out for these pieces later 2013!

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About the Author

Co-founder of WV11.co.uk. I live in Wednesfield and am involved in various community groups and associations. I build websites and develop digital marketing strategies for a living. When not writing for WV11 or attending meetings I play drums in my band Arbor Lights. I think Wednesfield is a great place, with a great sense of community and it isn't given the credit it deserves. Hopefully WV11.co.uk goes some way to fixing this!

6 Responses to Photos: Sainsbury’s unveils Wednesfield Art

  1. How great is this! I especially like the battle of Wednesfield depiction. This was perhaps one of the most important battles that ever took place in our history. Yet it never carry’s the recognition. Well done Sainsbury’s for telling the story.

  2. Never understood this as the battle took place in tettenhall lol

  3. Ray Fellows says:

    Tettenhall is a couple of miles from Wednesfield, in August of 910 Wednesfield was just a few farmsteads and scrubland the nearest place was Tettenhall hence that’s the only claim to the battle that Tettenhall has, just like the battle of Hastings that took place some six miles away at Battle, the name Wodensfield named after the Saxon god of battle Woden was given to the area that the battle took place, most of this can be found in Stebbing Shaws writings from the 1780s,here endeth the lesson.

  4. Karl Garrett says:

    Hi I’m very impressed with Sainsbury’s makeover and have taken a particular interest with the two pieces of artwork. Trying to work out what each means and making progress! However I have not yet seen if there is one that relates to one of Wednesfield’s most successful athlete, if not most successful, Tessa Sanderson MBE, OBE, CBE, Olympic Champion and three times Commonwealth Champion. I’m sure there’s one there though so would someone point out to me which one it is please? Thanks

    • James Clarke says:

      I don’t think they’re all that literal, more representative of local people and themes as opposed to all be specific…

      • Karl Garrett says:

        Thanks James that’s what I originally thought but then I saw a reference to Kristian Thomas on the WV11 FB photo that said “…..London 2012 Bronze Medal winning moment imortalised”. If correct then surely Tessa should be up there. :-)

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