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Eating Out

Published on July 12th, 2013 | by James Clarke


Bella Italia restaurant opens at Bentley Bridge

Bella Italia is the latest restaurant to open at  Bentley Bridge in Wednesfield, creating 35 new jobs.

The new 130 seat restaurant, which opened on 12th July 2013 offers a menu of Italian favourites including pastas, pizzas, burgers and grills with choices for children and those watching their weight.

Jon Bagley, Operations Director at Bella Italia said: “We are thrilled to be opening a new restaurant in Wolverhampton. We’re looking forward to welcoming the locals of Wolverhampton to our Italian family.”

The restaurant will open Monday to Sunday from 11.00am to 11.00pm and 10.30pm on Sundays.

To make a booking, please call 01902 866 299.

For more information on the menu visit www.bellaitalia.co.uk.

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2 Responses to Bella Italia restaurant opens at Bentley Bridge

  1. Visited a Bella Italia up in Manchester last year. It was good enough to make sure I’ll be visiting this one. Hope everything is going ok for you guys.

  2. Carina wood says:

    I took my family out for lunch Sunday including my 4 year old son.. And this is the worst experience of management and service I have ever experienced!! We booked a table for 6.30 ordered everything goin great celebrating fathers day with my mom / dad / son & partner. 7.40 still no starters so asked our waitress were they were as we ordered 50 min again but as it was busy we didn’t expect fast service today. She said 2 min, well that came and went. I went to the bar to speak to the manager, explained and he apologised and went to check the situation. 10 more min later guess what turned up?? Only our main meal?? No starters?? We asked both manager and waitress and the excuses were she didn’t turn the page on her note pad so missed our starters off computer?? Alough we had asked her for them 10 min ago, so why not say then I’m sorry what were they again and I will get it ASAP. No she just apologised and we said forget it now been in there over 1 & 1/2 hours my 4 year old son just wanted to eat. I told the manager forget starters now we will have the main but what was he goin to do?? He said I discount, I told him I’m not paying for the meals but would drinks ect so he said he understood that was fine.. At that he came back 2 min later to tell us if we eat it we have to pay something!! At this we all threw down our folks and walked out!! Discusting management and attitude expecially on Father’s Day from such a big company after all it was there mistake from the begining! Outraged and will be telling all friends, clients of my business and family to boycott this resturant from now on as clearly it’s all about the money and nothing to do with service and customers!!!! On annoyed and will not be silenced EX customer of bella’s…..

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