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How To: Contribute to WV11

As we’ve explained on the ‘about us‘ page – we need the help of local residents to make this site a success. The more feedback we get (positive or negative) from members of the local community, the better WV11 will become as a resource for the local community.

You can contact us with news or information about any story or event you’d like us to cover, and if you’d like to go one step further and actually contribute to the site by writing an article yourself, drop us an email to discuss your idea and we’ll most likely welcome you with open arms!

One of our aims in setting up WV11 is to give the local community a voice online as we don’t feel the local press really does this. We are tired of reading negative articles that only focus on what’s wrong with our community, and whilst we’re not aiming to sweep problems under the rug, we are trying to focus on the positive aspects of life in Wednesfield.

(If for some reason you’d like to contact us anonymously you can do so by entering a fake name and email address into our contact form to protect your anonymity.)

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