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Thank you to everyone who has been in touch regarding the site, it seems that the people who live in and around WV11 like what we are doing here so it’s been worth the effort getting it all up and running.

We’ve had some lovely comments and some very useful feedback left.

Over the weekend we received this message from Gina;

“What about a “we want to sell section”. At least you know you won’t have to travel far  if there is something of interest. I’m sick of ringing an advert in the  paper and finding out it’s in Dudley or miles away. At least this way, no one will  have to travel more than a few miles. Just a suggestion anyway…”

We said if you had any suggestions to let us know and we’d see what we could do about implementing them, so true to our word we have. If you now click on the community page, you will see our forum and there you will find a brand new category.

WV11-trade WV11 Classified.

Now you can advertise things you’d like to sell, or if you are in the market to buy, free of charge and know that it’s coming from somewhere reasonably local.

There are some rules to follow, which are posted at the end of this article, about advertising on the site, because well we don’t fancy a free for all, but essentially it will be up to our community members to manage themselves.

So go ahead and take a look, and if you pick up a bargain thank Gina.


  • If we suspect an advertisement is for illegal goods we will remove that article from the forum immediately, If the same item is then reposted with out contact with WV11 admin to verify that this is a legitimate listing the user will be blocked.
  • All ads placed must be by an individual, for traders and businesses looking to to advertise with us please see HERE.
  • It is the members responsibility to verify advertisements are correct, WV11 takes NO responsibility for ads placed and acts as a means of communication only.

3 replies on “Feedback”

Congtatulations on producing this website. I have been working for this area for years and at last we have somewhere where we can let people know what is going on. I am secretary of the Ashmore Park Police Liaison Meeting, treasurer of The residents association and cn I also talk about that famous choir that many people in the midlands know about but many from here don’t that is The Ashmore Park Choir, over the years we have raised thousands for charity. Hope you site does well. Irene.

Thank you, and of course as well placed in the community as you are, if you hear of any events taking place, or things you feel should be posted drop us a line.

We’d love to hear from you!

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