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Selling Porkies

As you are all probably aware the 4 year long legal wrangle between Dave Price, of David Price butchers of Ashmore Park, and Wolverhampton Homes over the sale of hot pork baps from his shop has been settled, with Wolverhampton Homes deciding to relent in their pursuit of a court hearing and dropping the case against Dave.


We spoke to Dave the day after he heard the news from his solicitors and he was relieved to be able to put the ordeal behind him:

“The support I’ve had from the people of Ashmore Park has been fantastic – I just want to be able to get on with things and earn a living now as it’s been hanging over me for so long. Hopefully now I, along with the other shopkeepers in the precinct can work together to to serve Ashmore Park and the wider community as intended”

Dave went on to tell us of his plans to thank the community that rallied behind him, of which he is a popular long serving member, by selling his now infamous pork baps for a limited period at the reduced price of only £1.

So what are you waiting for – get down to David Price Butchers, 70 Griffiths Drive, Ashmore Park (or for the locals – the bottom shops) to pick yourself up a porky treat!

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hip hip hooray its about time. if anyone should be able to sell hot pork baps its a butcher. Well done Dave for hanging in there and sticking to your guns. Donna

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