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What are your views on school parking?

Does your child’s school have a problem with parking? Do parents insist on parking dangerously close to the school entrance, despite double yellow lines, signage and pleas from the school? Perhaps you’re a resident who is sick of your drive being blocked by cars at school time?

Or maybe you’re a parent who thinks that schools should have more parking provisions and make it easier for those who need to travel by car to park nearby?

A Northumberland school has threatened pupils with expulsion if parents continue to break parking rules around the school – perhaps this idea should be adopted in Wednesfield?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments and vote in our poll…

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One reply on “What are your views on school parking?”

Parking outside Deyncourt school is particularly bad I live nearby and getting on or off my drive around 8.40am and 3.00pm is almost impossible. Parents fail to see that they are causing not only problems for residents but a real risk that a child is going to get hurt in the mayhem. Its not a competition on who can get closest to the school gates.

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