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Have your say – register to vote!


The date for the next Local and General Elections have been set for 6th May and in order to have your say on who runs the country and your local area you will need to register to vote by 20th April.

By the time the election takes place most of us will no doubt be bored of the campaigning; however if you don’t vote, you don’t get a say in what happens. That means you’re not entitled to complain about potholes, crime figures, NHS hospitals, schools, or any other Government run services because you were given a chance to have your say…..and you didn’t bother. Voting is your chance to have a say.

Can’t be bothered to vote? Make sure you read why you should register to vote before making your mind up.

People across Wolverhampton are being urged to put their name on the electoral roll so they can vote in the upcoming local and general elections. The Electoral Commission, which supervises elections, said: “Sometimes people don’t realise they need to re-register every year.”

To register to vote and have your say on what happens both in Wolverhampton and the UK, visit the website.

Coming soon: Your local candidates explained.

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