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Wednesfield’s new Community Library opens today!

Wednesfield Library by davetaylor1972.
Library Photo: Dave Taylor

Wednesfield’s new £2.3 million community library opens today after a lengthy building process. The building on Well Lane promises to be an excellent new resource for the local community.

Designed to be fun and exciting for people of all ages to learn in, the building which is set to house thousands of books as well as becoming home to a number of community groups has three floors housing the library, offices and a learning centre.

The city council received £1,497,297 from the Big Lottery Fund’s Community Libraries programme towards the cost of the development.

4 replies on “Wednesfield’s new Community Library opens today!”

Money would of been better spent in the hospital, 2.3 million wasted, could of just revamped the old one

I don't agree: People should definitely read more. Standards in reading and writing are going down the pan thanks to texting and social network websites. It would do people good to read some quality literature for a change.

Additionally, the hospital already gets lottery funding. It's just had a new wing built and there is more building work going on constantly.

Interesting point about literacy standards Mark – I know exactly what you mean about texting and social networks (both of which I use a lot), however I don't think it's necessarily these technologies themselves that are causing a decline in general literacy.

I think less importance was given to these "new" technologies than the "old" ways of writing when electronic communication reached tipping point 10 or so years ago. This led to people subconsciously thinking that it didn't matter if they wrote or spelt correctly when communicating electronically using email or sms, because it wasn't somehow as important as "real" writing with a pen and paper.

Internet usage has led to a lot more people reading and writing for "leisure" (I for one see this as a good thing) and is now the main means of communication for a lot of people, but many of these people still seem to think of writing electronically as a less important than writing with a pen and paper. (Or so it would seem to me!)

It still amazes me when I get emails from business people who are offering services/products to me and their emails are littered with errors, text speak abbreviations and such. It's almost as if because it's electronic communication, it doesn't matter as much? Would they send written/typed letters like this? I think not!

Thanks for your comments!

(Hoping no one spell/grammar checks this now!)

As the article above states, the money spent on the Library came from Big Lottery Fund’s Community Libraries programme, not from taxpayers or the government's pocket like money for hospitals does.

This money came from a lottery fund specifically to pay for the building of new libraries!

The new library is an important resource for the local community and if you've visited the old library recently I'm sure you'd agree that it was WAY past it's use by date.

We now have a new Library that does Wednesfield proud and will serve the community long into the future!

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