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Good News: Building Schools For The Future

With all the Government cuts and austerity measures an announcement was made yesterday on the fate of the Building Schools for the Future scheme.

Building Schools for the Future (BSF) is a long-term programme of investment and change in Wolverhampton. It will provide in excess of £300 million to transform education for secondary age students by providing 21st century learning environments that engage and inspire young people, their teachers and the wider community.

It’s about modernising buildings, facilities and ICT so that they can support the development of world class teaching and community provision in every school in the city that serves secondary age students.

For anyone who missed yesterdays announcement  all of the schools in Wolverhampton who were destined for improvement will be unaffected by yesterdays cuts.

Good news for Coppice, Deansfield and Wednesfield High who are all scheduled for improvement work under this scheme.

For a full list of schools and their status after yesterdays cuts is available in the Birmingham Post website

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