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Local band plan on stealing the limelight

Wednesfield band “The LimeLight” are a 4 piece rock band who formed this year after meeting at Wednesfield High. spoke to the band and discussed where they’re from, what they’re doing and where they’re going…

The LimeLight

Who are The LimeLight and how did you get your name?

The LimeLight are a 4 piece group who formed in January 2010. The group consists of Danny Hill (15) on lead guitar, lead vocals and occasional drums, Alex Jones (15) on bass and backing vocal, Aiden Best (15) on rhythm guitar and backing vocal and Ben Leighon (12) on drums and backing vocals.

The LimeLight name came about when Alex was researching his music instructor Simon Lees. Alex found that Simon had played at a venue called The LimeLight in Crewe and he felt this would be a great name for the newly formed band. Luckily, the band were in agreement and the name was selected!

When did the band form and how did you all meet?

Danny has been singing and playing guitar since the age of 5 and has won competitions UK wide for his talent. Danny and Alex were best friends throughout primary school, so they got together to form a duo. They played as a duo for a number of years – mainly at school events. Danny and Alex met up with Aiden at Wednesfield High School, and Danny taught Aiden how to play guitar. The school are highly supportive of their talent with and The LimeLight can often be found performing at functions along with the school choir.

Ben is considerably younger than the other 3 lads and has only been playing drums for a few months, having been taught initially by Danny. In this time he has become a super little drummer and is actually a better drummer than he realises!

Since forming the band, the lads have gone from strength to strength and are the best of friends.

What are your musical influences?

The boys genre is indie/alternative/rock and they have many musical influences such as: Guns and Roses, Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, The Clash, Sex Pistols, The Killers, The Jam, and many more!

Do you write/perform your own songs?

At the moment the band perform mainly cover versions from their influencing artists. However, they have recently written and produced 6 of their own songs and have many more in the preparation stage. The band have performed these new songs at recent gigs and they have been very well received!!

Original songs include: Gimme a Call, Date, Win or Lose, I See You (a sure fire hit single, watch the video below!), Say What You Like and Paradise No More. If you want to see the bands real potential – come and see them live!


How may gigs have you played so far and have you had any interesting or crazy gigging experiences?

The band have played around half a dozen gigs and have many more planned at local venues such as  The Slade Rooms and The Varsity. The band are also performing at a charity event at the Robin 2 club in Bilston to raise money for Compton Hospice and The British Heart Foundation. The gig will be a very big event which will raise money for two very worthy charities and will also be great exposure for the band.

The band’s first gig was in Wellington at The Plough. Due to some parental concerns about motorway travel, the band were driven to the gig in Danny’s Dad’s old Toyota Town Ace (nick-named the Ute!!!). It’s not the fastest of vehicles and when full of band members and equipment, it’s lucky to do 50 mph with the wind behind it!!! Nevertheless, it got the band safely to their destination, and their first gig went down a storm! It’s is now referred to as the tour bus – and will no doubt be used for many future events!

Where do you hope to be in 12 months time?

In 12 months time, the band hope to be performing to 12,500 people at Wembley Arena!!!

Where can our readers see/hear more?

You can find more information on the band and listen to their music via the following links: Facebook, website, YouTube and MySpace.

The band also have the following gigs booked:

16/07/2010 – The Varsity, Wolverhampton(18+) – £4 admission on the door
03/08/2010 – The Ashmore Pub, Wednesfield
04/09/2010 – The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton – £5 admission
23/02/2011 – Robin 2 (private) – £5 admission (all proceeds going to Compton Hospice & BHF)

The band are also available for functions. Please contact 07977 412 361 for more info.

And finally…..when you’re rich and famous, will you come back and play in Wednesfield??

Definitely!!!! The band are very proud of their roots and they would probably return to their old rehearsal room at The Ashmore Pub for a gig or two to thank their fans!

Thanks to the band for answering all of our questions, we with them the best of luck!

5 replies on “Local band plan on stealing the limelight”

The band had a really fantastic night at the Varsity. They were deemed brilliant by the follow on band!
The Varsity are kindly allowing the boys to play there again. Many thanks for the support at the event. A massive thankyou to James and the team at WV11 for promoting the band.
Wednesfield, please get behind the band and show your support at The Robin2 23rd February 2011. Help our Hospice!!
Please keep an eye on there up and coming events on their facebook page..there are a few more to be added!!!

Thankyou for the kind comments. The boys work incredibly hard and are now getting lots of exposure and deserve to do well. They are going to play the Wulfrun Hall on the 8th October 2010 supporting The Lines..we would love to see you there !!

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