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It’s our Birthday – is 1!

Happy Birthday

This week marks 1 year since we made the first post on!

We’ve decided to celebrate by thanking everyone who has contributed to the website; either by sending us news, commenting on articles, supporting us on Facebook and Twitter, emailing us with messages of support or advertising on the site. THANK YOU!!!

Special thanks also go to: Simon Hamilton, Kate Hughes, Irene Dodd, Manjeet Singh, PCSO Matt Bailey, Bryan & Gemma Murphy, the members of WAAN and Sabcat Printing.

The site has come a long way in the past 12 months and whilst we’re only a team of two, we’re really pleased with the response we’ve had from the local community. It’s great when we bump into someone we don’t know and they’ve heard of the site and we hope that continues to be a valuable resource to the people of Wednesfield.

We’d love more people to get involved with the website, so if you’d like to contribute or you have any views on what we should be writing about, please email us on or call/text us on 07855 409 319.

For those of you who are into stats, here’s a run down of figures from our first year…

Visitor Statistics:

Total visits: 22,213
Unique visitors: 16,670
Average number of visitors per month:  1,389

Total page views: 50,987
Unique page views: 39,693

68% of visitors have come from search engines
13% of visitors have come directly from typing into their browsers
10% of visitors have come from other sites linking to us
7% of visitors have come fromfrom other sources

Facebook ‘fans’: 981
Twitter followers: 201

Posts Statistics:

Raw Author Contribution
20.8 posts per month
Avg: 227 words per post
Full Stats
Author(s): 2
Posts: 250
Words in posts: 56,715
Comments: 87
Words in comments: 49

Average number of posts per month: 20.8
Average number of words per post: 227
Total number of posts: 250
Total number of words in posts: 56,715

Top 5 most popular posts/pages:

Home page: 8,955 views
Bentley Bridge news category: 2,731 views
Cosmo Pan Asian restaurant opens: 2,946 views
Pure Gym opening soon: 2,351 views
New Aldi store coming to Wednesfield: 1,593 views

Birthday cake photo by Omer Wazir.

3 replies on “It’s our Birthday – is 1!”

Happy Birthday WV11,
well done and thank you for all your help in getting out messages from the Wednesfield & Fallings Park Local Neighbourhood Partnership through your Website.
We wish you continued success and we will continue to send you our local news stories.
Best wishes from the LNP team

Happy Birthday, thanks for informing everyone about the Ashmore Park Choir, Ashmore Park Police Liaison Meetings and The Ashmore Park Residents Ass. Our thanks to you. Keep up the good work.

The next meeting of the Ashmore Park Police Liaison Meeting will be on Tuesday Aug 3rd at 7-0 p.m. at the Community Centre.

The next meeting of Ashmore Park Residents Ass. will be on Wednesday Aug. 4th at 7-0 p.m. at the Community Centre.

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