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Wednesfield resident seeks WW2 victory parade photo

We recently received the below email from Wednesfield resident Eileen Schreuders who is in search of a photograph taken in Wednesfield around V.E. Day, 1945.

If you think you can help Eileen, please get in touch with by emailing us or calling/texting us on 07855 409 319.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I was a Wednesfield girl in the “Girls Junior Service Corps” an association that taught us to identify planes, both enemy and our own planes, ready for joining the service when we became old enough to do this, the girls ages varied from 15-17 years of age.

On Victory Day our group of girls took part in the Victory parade.We marched between the RAF and the Americans. We were all glad the war was over, but still disappointed as we all were waiting to join the forces and do our bit.

A photo of our group was taken in the High street with St. Thomas Church in the background. I would dearly like to possess a copy of this photo is possible. I am 82 years old with lots of memories of Wednesfield in those days of WW2 and I am writing a book on my life as a young girl. I am not quite sure but May 8th 1945 was V.E.Day, I think the march was on a Saturday through Wednesfield which even now brings back memories.

I would be more than thankful if you can find this photo and will pay for all expenses made in sending it to me.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs Eileen Schreuders (maiden name Dunn)

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