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Neighbourhood Wardens Update: August 2010

Wardens have recently dealt with several resident concerns which have included:

  • Several elderly residents suffering from anti-social behaviour from neighbours in Ashmore Park
  • A couple in the Perry Hall area suffering with problems caused by children from another area playing football; when spoken to the children were aggressive and abusive
  • Ongoing concerns about a family in the Wednesfield area causing anti-social behaviour and possible drug dealing
  • An elderly lady having problems with her neighbour’s dog
  • A resident in Long Knowle experiencing harassment from several neighbours
  • Problems with the garage site on Whiston Avenue; possible drug dealing and drug activity taking place


The wardens have taken various actions to resolve the above problems. They include:

  • Reassurance visits to homes of residents with concerns
  • Information gathering
  • Shared information with relevant partner agencies including police and anti-social behaviour unit
  • Provoked interest in setting up a neighbourhood watch group. Delivered the relevant information and contact details


  • Wardens have distributed bike safety locks to children at Corpus Christi school. The idea behind the initiative is to get children more active by cycling to school over a set period of time. In return they are rewarded with a new bike lock. The wardens are looking to introduce this idea to other schools in the Wednesfield area
  • Wardens are working closely with the Brownies at St.Gregory’s Church. In return for funding for their Brownie anniversary celebrations, the Brownies are to commit some of their time to a community project; the type of project, is yet to be decided

Click here to see what the Wednesfield and Fallings Park Neighbourhood Wardens have been up to during August in their latest Newsletter.

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