Burst water main causing loss of water in Wednesfield

Mains water supplies in Wednesfield and Willenhall have today been affected by a burst water main in the Stow Heath Lane area of Wolverhampton.

Mains water supplies in Wednesfield and Willenhall have today been affected by a burst water main in the Stow Heath Lane area of Wolverhampton.

Whilst the problem doesn’t seem to be affecting all of Wednesfield, we’ve received reports on our Facebook page that all of the Moat House Estate is without water, along with several other areas, including neighbouring Willenhall.

Severn Trent Water are working to fix the problem and have posted the following updates on their website:


UPDATE 10:50am: So far we’ve had reports of no water in WV11, WV12 and WV13 and more recently in WS2 in Walsall.

UPDATE 11am:

Twitter user fev123 has just informed us that he’s spoken to Severn Trent Water who advised him that residents in Wednesfield may get a ‘trickle’ of water downstairs whilst repairs take place, even if there is no pressure at all upstairs.



UPDATE 3pm: No news on when the water will be back on, but if you think it’s bad in Wednesfield, just look what’s happened in Stow Heath where the water pipe burst.

UPDATE 3:30pm:


UPDATE 26th Oct:

Get updates on our Facebook page or Twitter feed or you can follow Severn Trent Water on Twitter.

A map of where the burst water pipe is located:

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10 replies on “Burst water main causing loss of water in Wednesfield”

Still no water at march end road WV11

It would be nice if there was some attempt to inform residents
There would have been loudspeaker vans pre privatisation!

I appreciate the wv11 website. It’s shown its usefulness today. However I think you overestimated the numbers of residents who regularly access the internet although an e mail from severn Trent to its customers would have been helpful

it would be nice if they gave us a rough idea as to how long we will be without water. i have 6 children at home 1 of which is a baby and i need water to steralise bottle etc….

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