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2011 Local elections: Wednesfield Candidates

On Thursday 5th May local elections are being held across the UK and seats are up for grabs in both Wednesfield North and South.

On Thursday 5th May, 2011 local elections are being held across the UK with seats up for grabs in 279 local authorities across England, including Wolverhampton.

As usual, Wednesfield is split into North and South wards. Some polling station locations have changed this year, so please check where you local polling station is located.

Wednesfield North – Local Election Candidates

Tania DAVIES  (Conservative Party)
Rita Teressa POTTER (Labour Party) (currently elected)

Wednesfield South – Local Election Candidates

Peter William DOBB (Conservative Party) (currently elected)
Bhupinder Singh GAKHAL  (Labour Party)
Oliver Roy WILLIAMS (Liberal Democrats)

The Alternative Vote (AV) Referendum

As well as voting for local candidates you will be able to vote in a UK-wide referendum (the first since 1975), where voters are being asked whether they want to keep the current “first-past-the-post” system for electing MPs or switch to the “Alternative Vote (AV)” system. Find out what the Alternative Vote (AV) is on the BBC News website.

Get features and analysis, along with election results from BBC News.

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