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Trolley Dash raises £2000

A rotary club trolley dash has raised £2000 for local beneficiaries.

Wednesfield Residents who are customers at Sainburys Bentley Bridge may have been asked to buy raffle tickets in store for a Trolley Dash by Wednesfield Rotary Club recently.

The club is pleased to announce that the total raised by this venture was £1923.00 which included tickets sold privately by members. The winner was a Wednesfield resident who purchased the ticket in store but does not wish to be identified. The winner and their partner collected their prize when the did the run before the Sainsburys store opened last Sunday and managed to bag a magnificent £376.00 worth of goods.

This is the 12th year the club has run this draw and President, Dr Shankar Verma, expressed the club’s appreciation to Sainsburys for their continued co-operation in the venture.

He went on to say “We are delighted the winner was able to achieve a good value prize and it does show what can be achieved if the winner does his/her homework. The main beneficiaries of this draw, together with other funds raised by the club this year, will be “Promise Dreams”, Edward the Elder Primary School and the Dementia Unit at New Cross Hospital plus other local causes.”

Store Manager, Steve Smith, added “We are delighted to be associated with the Rotary Club in this venture as we know they put the money to good use for the benefit of the local community which concurs with the company’s objectives when allowing charities to collect in store.”

Source: Rotary Club of Wednesfield

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