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Ashmore Park Nursery wins award

Ashmore Park Nursery School was victorious at a recent awards ceremony.

Ashmore Park Nursery School has won a ‘WOSCAR’ award at an awards ceremony run by Wolverhampton City Council.

The School and Children Centre submitted a presentation on ‘The Language of Photography’ which demonstrated children using digital cameras to support their experiences in and beyond nursery.
The staff and children (from two to four years) were using the digital cameras to enhance their interests, experiences and curiosity within their environment.

They won the award for most Innovative Practice for Early Years. Debbie Harris and Headteacher Sue Lacey accompanied two children to represent the nursery, and attended the award ceremony on Thursday 7th July 2011, at the Science Park in Wolverhampton.

Governor Phil Bateman said: “I am delighted that once again the school has won an award for the innovative work we undertake with nursery aged children”.

Ashmore Park Nursery received an ‘outstanding school’ accolade from Ofsted in 2009.

Source: Phil Bateman

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