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Anger at bus route changes grows

2,000 users have signed a petition to voice anger at recent bus routes changes.

Over 2,000 bus users have now signed a petition to voice their anger at recent changes to bus routes.

Users are unhappy at a number of changes that were made when Wolverhampton’s new bus station opened on Sunday 24th July and have called on local councillors to help their cause.

The petition which has been backed by local Councillors Steve Evans, Rita Potter,  Kyle Jackson, Val Evans and Bhupinder Gakhal calls for operator Centro /Network West Midlands to reconsider route changes to the former 525 and 528 services which have now been renumbered as the 25 and 28.

Residents are unhappy that the 25 no longer stops on Primrose Lane, Blackhalve Lane or Longknowle Lane in Fallings Park or on Wednesfield High Street.

Bus users in Ashmore Park are angry that the 28 no longer goes to Bilston and stops in Willenhall.

Centro have said that they will review all of the changes after 3 months, but this is clearly not soon enough for many bus users.

Have you been affected by these route changes?

4 replies on “Anger at bus route changes grows”

My parents used to be able to catch either the 528 or the 525 from Lower Prestwood Road to Wolverhampton City Centre, the bus stop being less than a 5 minute walk from their house on Long Knowle Estate.

Now journey planner gives them the 3 following options from Long Knowle to Wolverhampton:

Journey option 1: 2 buses (Nos. 57 & 11) with a 10 minute walk to the first bus stop.

Journey option 2: 1 bus (No. 11) with a 20 minute walk to the bus stop.

Journey option 3: 2 buses (28 & 69) with an 8 minute walk to the first bus stop and a 5 minute walk to the second.

It’s outrageous that, unless they want to walk for 20 minutes to the bus stop, they have to catch 2 buses to get to Wolverhampton?! The 528 took a straight route along the Prestwood Road and Cannock Road – these changes have more than doubled their journey time.

I life on broad lane south, and hav missed this bus, the only bus we hav now is the 57 which is 1 an hour, and doesnt go to ashmore park, we hav a lot of elderly on the lane whos doctors are on ashmore park, its upset a lot of people. i really hope we get it back.the petition should be in all the local librarys making it easier for people to sign, there is no bus on the lane to get us to long knowle lane, so wud hav to get taxi or a lift from someone, which people arnt probably going to do. in this day and age we should have this petition available on line 

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