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Rioting and Looting in Wolverhampton (updated)

The latest information on the recent trouble in Wolverhampton.

Thursday 11th August

2:45pm: Wolverhampton North East MP Emma Reynolds has released a statement about the recent unrest, saying she will make sure the Police are given all the resources they need and calling on the Government to scrap plans to axe 16,000 Police jobs.

2pm: Hairdresser Louise Smith who stood up to looters to stop her business being ransacked has appeared on BBC News and was later presented with a bouquet of flowers by the Mayor of Wolverhampton, thanking her for setting an example.

11:30am: Police report that a 14-yr-old girl from Low Hill has been arrested after her uncle took her into Wednesfield police station when she allegedly came home with stolen clothing. Police continue to raid addresses of those suspected of being involved in the disorder.

10am: No trouble reported in Wolverhampton, Wednesfield, or Bentley Bridge over night.

Wednesday 10th August

9pm: Rain is falling and all is quiet in Wolverhampton City Centre. No trouble at all today. Check out our photos for shots of the damage and the clean up.

We’re pleased to say we got off lightly compared to other cities, minimal damage and no injuries reported.

4:50pm: Wolverhampton is busy, but “no problems at all” says the city’s top cop. Police have a strong presence in place. and there are no plans at the moment to amend any bus, train or tram services.

Prime Minister David Cameron has been at the Civic Centre talking to both Police and Council Officials this afternoon. More news as we have it.

3:40pm: Wolverhampton based youth radio station Kic FM is urging teens to “chill out and stay at home” tonight and avoid going into the city centre. Still no trouble reported.

2:45pm: Confirmed: Prime Minister David Cameron is in Wolverhampton now speaking to council officials about last night’s unrest.

2pm: Oceana Nightclub’s 13-17 year olds night tonight has been cancelled as a precaution.

1:30pm: Police have not asked shops to close early today, despite internet rumours.

12:45pm: Units at St John’s Retail Park  have suffered some damaged windows, but all are open – business as usual.

11am: It’s business as usual in Wolverhampton, Wednesfield and Bentley Bridge, with shops and businesses open and people going about their daily lives.

Police are monitoring the situation across the city and are reporting there are no direct threats.

9am: Over 100 volunteers turned up to ‘#riotcleanupwolves’ in Queen Square this morning to help with the clean up after last night’s disturbances.

The Council’s clean up team had already done a great job of tidying the streets up and the volunteers went into individual shops to offer help putting things straight where things we damaged.

Several people decided to deft rioting and instead dance to the Macarena, watch the video here!

Tuesday 9th August

  • We are reporting on all the latest confirmed news on our Twitter feed and Facebook page.
  • We are doing our best to keep up with the situation and have been sourcing information from official Police sources and some first hand accounts.
  • There have been rumours and inaccurate information spread on social networks today – please do not spread this type of information unless you can confirm it’s authenticity.
  • If you witnessed the disorder, please check out this blog to see if you can identify anyone involved and contact the Police.
  • A ‘riot clean up’ is being planned by residents in the city centre from 8am onwards tomorrow (Weds 10th), please come along with brooms, bin bags and anything else you have to help clean up.

Police channels:

@WolvesPolice (Twitter) – Wolverhampton Police

@SuptPayneWMP (Twitter) – Superintendent Mark Payne

@WMPolice (Twitter) – West Midlands Police

Wolverhampton Police (Facebook)

Photo: Kic FM / Twitter

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