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Little Piggies at Wednesfield Market?

We’ve received an interesting pig-related request from a local resident!

We’ve received an interesting request through our contact form recently:

“I am trying to find any information about a ministry of food scheme that ran in Wednesfield and other areas as well, where you could raise 4 pigs a year in your own back yard, sell two to the Ministry of food and kill and keep two for your self’s.

My family joined the scheme and if I remember rightly raised 8 pigs.

I have been putting to paper my life story for the grand kids and would like some details and stories from anyone who remembers the scheme.”

Personally intrigued by this I have googled all the terms I could come up with to try and find more information about raising pigs and selling them to the Ministry of Food but to no avail. Do you remember anything about this? Did your family raise pigs themselves?

In short, Can you help?

Photo by Paxie used under Creative Commons license.

2 replies on “Little Piggies at Wednesfield Market?”

Back In 1954 I Remember a Few Pigs Being Kept In East Ave,Top Of Wednesfield Park!We Lived With a Mrs Hunt Her Neighbour Had a Pig Sty,We Used To Give Them Scraps Of Food!But The Smell!Ugh!

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