Follow WV11 on Foursquare

Follow WV11 on location-based platform Foursquare to get tips on nearby locations.

You can now follow WV11 on location-based platform Foursquare.

Foursquare is a website that makes it easy to explore places nearby on your smartphone. By following WV11 you’ll not only be able to see where we have ‘checked-in’ (visited), but you’ll be able to see any tips we’ve left at these locations, such as our favourite curry house, or which stand you need at the bus station to catch the 59 service.

We’ll try to keep our tips as informative and useful as possible, but you can always leave a follow up tip if you think we’ve missed something.

Follow WV11 on Foursquare here or search for ‘WV11’ on the Foursquare mobile app/website.

Signup for an account here and earn points as you check-in to places.

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