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PACT Live event – tonight at 7pm!

Take part in our live event and ask questions about the local issues that matter to you.

Click here to join the event at 7pm tonight!

PACT Live is your chance to take part in an online Q&A session similar to those held in community centres & libraries across Wednesfield, but from the comfort of you own home.

Don’t know what PACT is? Check out Sergeant Causer’s explanation here.

We realise that not everyone can make it in person to community centres for these meetings, perhaps because of work , or maybe because of childcare commitments, so we’re bringing PACT to you!

Join us at between 7pm – 8:30pm on Thursday 13th October, 2011 when you will be able to take part in the conversation and ask questions about the local  issues that matter to you.

Our guests include:

Sign up for a reminder at – or if you are not able to get online during the event, visit the page now to submit your questions – if selected these will appear on the night.

Whilst we will attempt to get answers to as many questions as possible during the live event, we may not be able to answer all questions submitted – however we will do our best to ensure any unanswered questions are responded to after the event.

It also is important to remember that the website is a public forum and not to ask questions or post comments naming individuals, these will be blocked/removed.

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