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New arrivals at Northycote Farm

Down the road in Bushbury, Northycote Farm has welcomed seven more woolly wonders following another successful lambing season.

And the Shropshire lambs are settling in well at their new home after entering the world over the last couple of weeks.

The seventh lamb was safely delivered at the popular farm and country park last week and the group of four females and three males will now spend the next few days in the warmth of the farm’s barn before going out to frolic in the fields for the first time later this week.

Farm manager Ian Nicholls, who has been checking on the ewes every three hours, 24 hours a day, during the lambing season, said: “The ewes have been superb again this year and we are delighted to say that we have a very healthy group of lambs.

“They are certain to prove a big draw for our visitors and I am sure they are looking forward to being the centre of attention when they go on show for the first time later this week. We’re hoping people will come along to our May Day celebrations on Monday May 7, 2012, between 11am and 4pm to see them, too.”

He added: “We’ll be keeping the females here on the farm and, as usual, at some point we’ll try and find a new home for the males.”

The lambs join Northycote Farm’s 21-strong flock of Shropshire sheep and mark the latest additions to an historic breed which originated in the hills of Shropshire and North Staffordshire during the 1840s.

3 replies on “New arrivals at Northycote Farm”

Just been to take grand daughter aged 2 years to see animals at Northycote Farm (we have visited the farm regularly with our old labrador for the past 7 years). Nice to see the council have started putting money into the place at last but to the detriment of visitors rights. We were refused entry because we had the said labrador on a leash and grand daughter in buggy. Thanks for the warm welcome by the stroppy guy on ur leaflet but please ensure he gets his facts right in future and when fundraising for friends of northycote farm kindly dont expect our support in the future.

Dear Pat

We’re really sorry that you didn’t enjoy your visit and quite surprised by your comments.  We have many compliments about the site, the staff and of course our wonderful Friends Group.To clarify the position regarding dogs.  We love dogs at Northycote Farm.  Visitors are welcomed with well-behaved dogs on leads to  enjoy the woodland, the meadows and walks across the whole site.  In the Farmyard, bowls of water are available for dogs from the Cafe on completion of their walk, whilst their owners enjoy a refreshing cup of tea and a slice of cake.  The only area of the whole site that differs from this is the animal enclosures and bird-watching area.Dogs – even well-behaved dogs on leads – are not allowed into the area with the animal enclosures for obvious reasons.  This protects both the farm animals, foul and other animals as well as our visitors dogs.When there are two adults accompanying a dog and a small child; we suggest that one adult takes the short walk with the dog around the perimeter of the disabled car park into the farmyard, whilst the other adult accompanies the small child through the animal enclosures to enjoy them.
We hope this helps to clarify the position but our primary interest is to safeguard all animals, whether resident at Northycote Farm, or merely visiting it.


^Wilf – Wolverhampton Parks

I appreciate your comments but we are an older couple and I have mobility problems which is why it is impractical to follow your suggestions. I have a prolapsed disk and am prone to spasms of pain in my back/legs therefore I use the pushchair for support and my husband helps out if I stagger/fall.As stated we have supported every event put on by the friends of Northycote Farm and we are not stupid nor irresponsible to cause a threat to any of your animals/birds. What I find alarming is we were allowed to purchase refreshments on entering the farmyard but when it came to seeing the animals we were refused entry bearing in mind this has never ever happened to us before (I have been visiting 7 years and my husband is born and bred in Wolverhampton he has been visiting years before that).I believe your priorities have changed from the welfare of the animals to the profit making side of the business. I shall miss seeing the animals and supporting future fund raising fun events but I shall never take my family to a place where we are not welcome (unless we are swelling your coffers) again, It is a pity your staff are not so hostile or aggressive to the foul mouthed scum who frequent the farm shouting obscenities or the rabble who attacked the poor pigs resulting in the pig having to be put down. I am disgusted with your lack of common sense but I congratulate you on your business acumen in employing “jobs worth”. 

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