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Wednesfield Local Election Results 2012

The results for Wednesfield North and South local elections as we get them…

Polls closed at 10pm on Thursday and counting will begin at 9am on Friday 4th May. We will be updating this post live as the results come in from today’s local elections. You can also follow the count on the #wolvesvote Twitter hashtag.

The local election results are as follows:

Wednesfield North – Labour Gain – 28.30% turnout

Wednesfield South - Labour Gain – 27.46% turnout

Fallings Park – Labour Gain - 25.43 turnout

  • Ian BROOKFIELD (Labour) – votes  1,583 – ELECTED (883 majority)
  • John LEE (Conservatives) – 700 votes

Heath Town – Labour Gain - 21.16 turnout

  • Matthew ADDISON (Green Party) – 192 votes
  • Margaret Jane FINDLAY (Conservative) – 489 votes
  • Jasbir Kaur JASPAL (Labour)  – 1,098 – ELECTED (609 majority)

For a full list of results, please visit the Wolverhampton City Council website.

Photo by Flickr user anemoneprojectors used under Creative Commons.



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