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Exclusive offer: Free vocal consultation from The Vocal Corner

Are you a budding singer? If so, check out this offer for a free consultation with The Vocal Corner Studios.

This week we’re bringing you another exclusive WV11 offer and this one should appeal to fans of The Voice and X-Factor…

The Vocal Corner is a highly respected school of qualified voice and singing experts based in the West Midlands, with a new studio just behind Beatties in Wolverhampton.

The Vocal Corner has developed a unique teaching method that trains all aspects of the voice including breathing techniques, range development, pitch correction, articulation, repertoire choices, confidence building and most of all, techniques to help bridge the chest and head voice successfully. Their technique also ensures strength in the head voice. Ensuring a connected vocal tone throughout your whole range.

WV11 offer – Free vocal consultation session

“During the session the student will be taken through a full vocal assessment. During the assessment we will assess many different techniques used when singing which include pronunciation, vocal stamina, breathing, projection, confidence, pitch etc. The student will then receive a recommended course plan which outlines various pieces of information such as range, current standard vocally, strengths and weaknesses, areas for improvement and how often we advise them to take lessons.”

An assessment session would usually cost £25 and can last anything from 30 to 45 minutes.

To claim your free consultation, contact The Vocal Corner Studios on 0121 288 0036 or email and quote “”!

*As with all of our offers, WV11 is neither affiliated with nor endorses this company and any agreement is between the customer and the company, not WV11.

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