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MAPS Car Spares Ashmore Park closes

We have recently received a notice regarding the closure of MAPS Car Spares in Ashmore Park.

We were recently sent the following information from Andrew Maps, owner of MAPS Car Spares, Ashmore Park:

It is with great sadness after 30 years of trading on Ashmore Park my shop is now closed. The 3 year legal dispute between the council and myself has finally been settled out of Court.

I would like to thank Councillor Hazel and Ashmore Park Residence Association for all their help. Due to this settlement I will now relocate to new premises.

Thank you to all my customers and I will be pleased to continue providing the service I have offered over the past 30 years


Once Andy has his new shop up and running we’ll add details to this article – WV11. 

Photo by Emyr Jones used under Creative Commons license.

6 replies on “MAPS Car Spares Ashmore Park closes”

i used to use maps a lot. am glad they are still going but the shop has looked closed for ages. what on earth was the dispute about? I mean all the old sole trader types should be encouraged, especially when serving the residents of wednesfield as long as maps have

I understand that the Council has taken the garages at the
rear of the shop that were used as a stock room. They intend to demolish these
and build a car park. 

The Residents Association have been fighting this for years. It is not the Council but Wolverhampton Homes who have been making the threats. They said the ones nearest the park were always being vandalised when they were boarded up, well even a small school kid could pull off sheets that were tacked on. They haven’t been vandalised since they were boarded up properly. There are shopkeepers and tenants who want to rent them but they would rather pull them down. The total cost for demolition and resurfacing in August 2010 was quoted as £32,000 I’m sure that will have increased by now. Which means a loss of income on rents. An estimated cost of repair was £1,200 for each garage (1 already repaired) would cost £21,600.If this happened and they were rented out at around £4.65 a week there would be a return each year of £4,594.20.
Let your councillors know if you think this is madness.
Andy has been brilliant throughout, he has helped so many people, I think he was treated abominably. Keep going Andy after all last year you were presented with a shopkeeper of the year award. Good luck to you for the future.
Irene Dodd Secretary.

Absolutely agree.  We need to give all our small businesses the best possible chance of survival through these bad times – we cannot afford any more empty shops.  So, better keep your eyes on the plans to close the Library – if they do that, many of the remaining shops will suffer.

The notice that I placed in the shop window explaining the
reason for the closure and my contact details  has been removed by the Council why I do not

I can be contacted on 07971 052188  for any work you require I will collect cars
from Ashmore as usual and return when work completed


Who in their right mind would force a business to close that
has been servicing Ashmore
Park for 30 years to
build a car park that nobody wants. What a waste of  tax payers money. Why have our councillors not
stopped this!



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