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Dog Mess hurled at boat crew from Devils Elbow bridge.

Crew member hit in the face with dog mess while working on the canal.

On Monday 6th August a work  boat on the Essington and Wryley canal  was attacked by a group of youths from atop of the Devils elbow bridge.

The four youths pictured above appeared to be in their early teens were on bikes when they catapulted the boat as is was passing beneath the bridge. A member of the crew was hit on the hand in the first instance and on their return journey the same four hurled a bag of dog poo at the steerer and hit him in the face.

This image was captured shortly after the incident and while it’s not very clear, if you have any idea who this group are we would urge to you to contact the police on 101.


Update: I am pleased to have learnt that the youths who caused the problems on Monday have been identified by West Midlands Police and are being “dealt with”.

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