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Do you know Sue? Can you help Neil reunite with his holiday friend

Can you you help Neil Dudman find his long lost holiday friend Sue? Neil sent us this photo along with the following message:

I have recently acquired a 35mm slide scanner which subsequently means that I have been spending many happy hours wading through (and converting to digital files) many slides taken by me during the sixties & early seventies. Among them some slides taken by me during a coach holiday to St Anton Austria in July/Aug 1964.

They are of a group of people from the Wednesfield Area who were on the same trip as myself. The group included a young girl of about sixteen/seventeen called Sue, centre (white top, grey skirt, red shoes ) who was accompanied by her Aunt & Uncle all of whom were from Wednesfield. The remaining people in the group I have no recollections of whatsoever.(The passage of time has sadly taken its toll on my memory).

If I was to send you a copy of the slide, would it be at all possible to print it,either on your website,your local press,or anywhere else you may know of locally,with the hope that someone from the Wednesfield area may see it and recognize faces from the group and help me identify them, or even regain contact with Sue, who must now be an OAP with probably half a dozen grand children! It would be fascinating to discuss how our individual lives have panned out over the past 48 years.

I know this is something of a long shot, but I hope you can help?

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