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Clarification on PACT Priorities

Anyone who follows our live tweets from PACT will know that during the Wednesfield South meeting on 8th January it was announced that there would be change to how local policing priorities were set. This caused some discord in the room as traditionally local priorities are set by local people at PACT meetings.

Sgt Simon Causer and the new sector Inspector Jen Richards have since written to residents to clarify matters – in brief the way Neighbourhood policing priorities are set will not be changed and local people can still have their say at PACT. Read on below for their letters in full.


Dear Resident,

At the recent Wednesfield South PACT meeting a discussion took place over the setting of Priorities.

At the meeting it was announced that no longer would priorities be set at PACT meetings, instead they would be set at local Zero Tasking meetings involving the Police and other Partner Agencies, such as Wolverhampton Homes, the Local Neighbourhood Partnerships etc.

This caused great consternation and upset a number of residents and local Councillors present.

This matter needs to be clarified.

PACT priorities will still be set at PACT meetings. However it is the word priority that is causing confusion. PACT priorities, which should perhaps be termed as Community Concerns are an important part of Neighbourhood Policing and will stay that way and will be raised by residents and recorded and dealt with by the local Neighbourhood Team. These issues will be raised at the local Zero Tasking meetings, as they are at present, to allow for an input by other partner agencies to ensure more than one Team is looking into the issue.

The Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones expects quite rightly that a Local Policing Plan is developed that reflects what the communities of Wolverhampton consider to be important and  should be addressed as priorities by the Police in Wolverhampton. This plan will be for the Local Policing Unit area as a whole and not just confined the Wednesfield North, Wednesfield South, Bilston East etc.

It is the way in which the priorities for this Policing Plan are set which is to be changed. This is to give communities across Wolverhampton an opportunity to influence what the Police should focus on tacking over the next year.

Your views as PACT members are important and welcomed and as such we want you to come to PACT and tell us what those concerns are. We also want you to e mail your local neighbourhood team, ring the team, visit the team, speak to us on patrol and tell us what those concerns are.

I hope this clarifies the matter.

Yours faithfully

Simon Causer
PS 1601

Dear Resident,

Please allow me to firstly introduce myself. I am Jen Richards and have just taken over as your local neighbourhood Inspector. I have worked in Wolverhampton for the last eight years, but have spent a considerable number of years during my 27 years service working in both Wolverhampton & Wednesfield.

I wish to reassure you that the issues you bring to PACT are important to both the police & partners. Wolverhampton & Wednesfield are close to my heart having both lived in the area & having family living here. I am passionate about delivering a high quality of service to all community members ensuring the staff who work for me & alongside me address all of your concerns. I ensure we work closely with both the community & partners to address your concerns and achieve the best results possible and look forward to meeting you at PACT and working with you.

Should you wish to speak to me lease feel free to contact me on the below numbers or alternatively I will be attending the Wednesfield North PACT at 7pm on Tuesday 15th January 2013 at the Ashmore Park Community Centre and look forward to meeting you there.



Jen Richards
North Sector Neighbourhood Team Inspector
Wolverhampton Local Policing Unit
West Midlands Police
Switchboard / Internal: 0345 113 5000 (ext  7601 6153 or 7630 6041)
Mobile 07747 706885

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