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Online petition launched to save Children’s Centres

Parents have set up an online petition asking the government to reconsider proposed cuts to Children’s Centres in Wolverhampton.

As previously reported, Children’s Centres in Wolverhampton have been revealed to be under threat as Government funding to the city is cut.

Parents have set up an online petition to the government, asking them to reconsider the cuts. You can sign the petition here.

A Wolverhampton Council statement and consultation says “the Government is reducing the amount Wolverhampton receives through the Early Intervention Grant.  The Early Intervention Grant is used to fund Wolverhampton’s 17 children’s centres. This means the city council faces having to make savings of £1.5M from children’s centres”.

The council is asking for your input, which you can offer by completing this survey.

Photo by geinography, used under Flickr Creative Commons licence.

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