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Wolverhampton to commemorate Battle of Wodensfield

Wolverhampton is set to mark the anniversary of the Battle of Wodensfield.

It has been confirmed that Wolverhampton is set to mark the anniversary of a Battle of Wodensfield (Wednesfield), a major battle which took place between the Anglo Saxons and the Danes more than 1,000 years ago.

The Battle of Wodensfield saw the Anglo Saxons and their allies defeated the Danes of Northumberland on the field of Woden, now modern-day Wednesfield, on 4 and 5 August, 910.

To mark the anniversary of the battle, the Wolverhampton flag will be raised outside the Civic Centre this Monday and Tuesday (5 and 6 August, 2013).

Wednesfield Councillor Phil Bateman, who has led the calls for the historic battle to be commemorated, said: “This was one of the greatest battles in British history, and we should be very proud of the part that Wednesfield had to play.

“The first written references to Wednesfield came in the Anglo Saxon chronicles where there is mention of a great battle at Wednesfield in which the Mercians and their allies inflicted a defeat on the Danes, leading to the effective end of their power.

“I am delighted that we will be commemorating this hugely important event in our nation’s history.” comment: Well done to Cllr Bateman for fighting Wednesfield’s corner and making this happen!

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Well done Phil, all of Wednesfield need to be made aware of the importance of getting recognition that the battle took place here on the plains of Wednesfield, way back in time, 5/6th of August 910 ad the most bloodiest battle ever to take place on English soil happened here in our Wednesfield.

I agree i didnt have a clue about this until i read it in one your books Ray why isnt it taught in our schools and promoted in the local community ? no doubt a lot of locals and Danes lost there lives.

Hi Andy, I have given talks about the Battle at local schools but you are right it needs to be taught on a regular basis in all the schools throughout Wednesfield, Wednesfield is the place of this famous Battle and now we need to make everyone aware of the facts about the Battle. For over 30 years I have been trying to convince people about the place and date of the Battle and now people believe it. At the moment I am trying to organise an Archaeology team to come and do some research we are awaiting a decision from the council, I have two sites picked out that have not yet been developed but that will change very soon so anymore info will be sent to WV11.

WEDNESFIELD CLAIMS VICTORY. Anyone who watched King Alfred and the Anglo Saxons on BBC 4 should now be in no doubt as to where the Battle of Wodensfield took place, it was stated that the Battle took place in Wednesfield on August 5, 910 ad, on the field of Woden. Wednesfield can now officially claim the Victory that most of us knew anyway, the Vikings were met by the Saxons at Wednesfield and were overcome and utterly defeated, the attack was well planned to take place on the 5th by AETHELFLEDA lady of the Mercians. There is now no doubt where the Battle took place and Wednesfield can celebrate the fact that the most defining Battle ever to take place on English soil took place here in Our Wednesfield.

indeed its a pity these parts of local history are not known to children via school education, or parents i was lucky our parents taught us all about such things such as the battle and how it was celebrated at will’s hall now Willenhall, from our black country language of old English or Anglo saxon with its hard sounding words taken for slang and our children told to speak right when they speak perfect ENGLISH, indeed we have forgotten to much of who we are and of those who stood fast at Wodensfield.

I agree about the Black Country dialect, we should all be proud of the dialect as it is old English as Laird pointed out. I hate it when the dialect is referred to as “slang”, slang is something different and it is so wrong to refer to our dialect as such.

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