Who were your Community Heroes….

Last week we asked for your nominations, who you thought your community hero was and why. All your heros will be invited as VIP guests to this years Christmas Lights switch on, with one being given the task of getting up on stage to flick the switch with Rapper Apollo and the Mayor.  The overall winner will be announced tonight at the lights event, but in the meantime here (in no particular order) are your nominations:

Angela Hall

Angela was nominated for the tireless work she undertaken over the years with St John Ambulance. Attending events as a voluntary first aider and spending hours  each week teaching our youngsters vital first aide skills of their own. In addition to this Angela has been able to put these skills to really practical use – saving the lives of her mom, her daughter and her grandson!! A real life saver!

Aaron Singh

An amazing carer, Aaron was nominated as a young hero for the amazing care he offered his Grandmother in her final years. His nan was his “rock” helping him through a rough patch when his parents split, and making sure he was taken care of – he then repaid the favour taking care of her every need until she passed away last year. Nan loved the bright lights of Christmas so allowing Aaron to switch the Christmas Lights on would reward him, and be a beautiful memorial to her.

Anthony Blakeway

Tony is chair of Low Hill Community Association, and spends hours of his life devoted to making the area better. Improving the facilities of the centre and instilling a sense of pride in the wider community.

Gwen Sadler

At 84 Gwen has given years of voluntary work to her community, helping to run the Ashmore Park Community Center, partaking in the organizing of several local fundays and running a friendship group for over 60’s helping alleviate the loneliness and social exclusion felt by many in this age bracket. Gwen is a tweeting, blogging octogenarian and we should be inspired by her willingness to continue to learn and to just get things done.

Keith Jellyman

Keith lost his wife 7 years ago and has since overcome triple heart bypass surgery and bowel cancer. He has fought all the way, has become a walking for Health walk leader (taken on various training courses) and now has his own walking group in Ashmore Park as well as walking with the Thursday group. He also is an active member of Ashmore Park fitness club twice a week. He does voluntary work for Accord Housing and is a member of Shortheath choir. His daughter describes him as having “a heart of gold” and has been so brave and shown such courage he deserves to be the running for this award.

Kevin Williams

Kevin Does Outstanding Work For The Scotlands Community, He set up L.O.T.S  (Life On The Scotlands) Community Radio and raises the funds to keep it going himself. He helps people out in so many different ways. All as a volunteer and this is beside being a carer for his wife!

Wayne Jones

Wolverhamptons local professional darts player, a credit to the city.

Christine McKechnie

Christine has been a volunteer in the community with scouts for over 48 years. Supporting our young people and being a consistent role model for them over the years. She is very kind, caring and will help anyone.

Ann Wood

Anne has worked tirelessly for years for the community of Ashmore Park, She is chair of Ashmore Park Community Association and was the driving force behind the organisation of last years Jubilee Celebrations.More recently she has been chair the working group behind the Ashmore Park Community Hub ensuring the community gets a building that works for them!

Tia Small

Another young hero nominee 12 year Tia was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 and has had to fight hard and stay strong to try and beat this. She lost all her hair but she didn’t let this get her down when she was well enough she asked her mom to shave her hair too raising money for Children’s Cancer and Birmingham Children’s Hospital. This little girl is just amazing and no matter how ill  she is feeling she is always smiling. A student at Coppice High she hasn’t let this put her behind in her studies although with treatment and hospital she has had to miss a lot of classed –  her nominee said “I think she is an inspiration and a very special girl”.

James & Steph Clarke

We were nominated by several people for the work that we put into this site and facebook page and our roles with the LNP. We have ruled ourselves out of the awards as being on the judging panel we didn’t think that was very fair – and besides we’ll be at the lights anyway this evening, helping out on the Community Arts stall and running around with a camera – But thank you for nominating us it really was appreciated!

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