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2013 Rotary Santa Routes

Every year volunteers for the Rotary club bring Santa to the streets of Wednesfield making collections for charity and spreading a little Christmas cheer along the way and this year is no different. Below is a list of dates where Santa and his Rotary friends will be hitting the streets around our way.

Please bare in mind Santa and his helpers are volunteers, they can not get everywhere they’d like to in the limited time they have and while start times  are published we cannot say with any accuracy exact times for set streets – and they will not travel the full length of some streets.

Most collections with the Sleigh commence at 6.00pm and end at around 8.00pm other vary see listings below BUT this is all dependent on road conditions, the way cars are parked allowing for access  for the volunteers and whole array of other eventualities beyond their control.

For the last 12 years the club has operated a Christmas Sleigh which has toured various routes in Wednesfield.   This year their coverage will be in the following areas:

Friday 13 December 2013 – from 6.00pm

Commence Wimbourne Road and then visiting, Newbolds Road, Kingsway Road, Newbolds Road, D’Eyncourt Road , Carlton Avenue, Mullett Road, Mill Lane, Poplar Avenue, Willow Avenue, Beechwood Avenue, Poplar Avenue, Mill Lane, Long Mill Avenue, Long Mill North,  Long Mill South.

Saturday 14 December 2013- from 6.00pm

Commence Whitehouse Avenue, Shardlow Road, Rocester Avenue, Overseal Road, Shardlow Road, Spondon Road, Measham Way, Springhill Road, Wootton Avenue, Duckhouse Road, Wootton Avenue, Ridge Lane,

Sunday 15 December 2013 – from 2.00pm

Commence Olinthus Avenue, Lichwood Road, Lich Avenue, Olinthus Avenue, Moathouse Lane East, Wright Avenue, Day Avenue, Pritchard Avenue, Davenport Road, Wright Avenue, Hyde Road, Hylstone Crescent, Moat House Lane East finish at junction with Wright Avenue.

Sunday 15 December 2013 – from 4.30pm

Commence Clanfield Avenue, Fitzmaurice Road, Gadsby Avenue, Peacock Avenue, Whiston Avenue, Ecclestone Road, Griffiths Drive, Ashmore Avenue.

Monday  16 December 2013 – from 6.00pm

Commence Yale Drive, Calvert Crescent, Teasel Road, Silverton Drive, Eastern Gardens, Waddens Brook Lane, Ellards Drive, Seaton Close, Smallshire Close. Longmoor Close, Brackenwood Drive, Ferndown Gardens, Broad Lane South, Southfield Road, Orwell Close, Hawthorne Road, Firsdale Road, Rosalind Grove, Silverton Way, Redstone Drive, Egmont Gardens, Holberg Grove, Silverton Way, Lyndale Drive, Hopton Crescent, Raymond Gardens, Westport Crescent.

Tuesday 17 December 2013 – from 6.00pm

Commence Coleman Avenue, Perry Hall Road, Lawrence Avenue, Haden Crescent, Perry Hall Road, Stubby Lane, Ratcliffe Road, Merrick Road, Castlebridge Road, Merrick Road, Pool Road, Wyrley Road, Castlebridge Road

Wednesday 18 December 2013 – no collection

Thursday 19 December 2013 – from 6.00pm

Commence Victoria Road, Graisley Lane, Frederick Road, Nordley Road,  Woden Avenue, Woden Crescent, School Road, Vicarage Road, Nordley Road, West Avenue, North Avenue, East Avenue, South Avenue, Graisley Lane, Victoria Road, Parkhouse Avenue, Highfield Crescent, The Grove.

Friday 20 December 2013 – from 6.00pm

Commence Fairview Road, Fairview Crescent, Fairview Road, D’Eyncourt Road  Sambrook Road, Kingsway Road, Wimbourne Road, Cadman Crescent, Hatton Crescent.

Saturday 21 December 2013 – from 6.00pm

Essington – Commence Buttermere Drive, Thirlmere Drive, High Hill, Wolverhampton Road, Hill Street, Hawthorn Road, Brownshore Road, Bognop Road, Swynnerton Drive – including all roads off, return to Bognop Road/Brownshore Road and finish at Larchmere Drive – again including all roads off.


If the sleigh doesn’t make it to one of your roads they will be collecting at Sainsbury’s on 13 & 14 December and in Wednesfield High Street on 21 December.

The proceeds of these Christmas collections will be made to local Wednesfield causes.  For more information, please contact David Johns, Hon Secretary, Rotary Club of Wednesfield on 01746 763710 or


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