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Wednesfield South PACT Meeting Minutes, 10th December 2013

Minutes of the Wednesfield South PACT meeting which took place on 10th December 2013.

The meeting started with police reports from the Business Sector (PC Paul Freer for the High Street and Bentley Bridge areas) and Neighbourhood Police Team (PC Bethan Pye). Around 16 people were in attendance.

Business Sector Report

Figures since the last meeting on 15th

  • No robberies or theft from persons were recorded.
  • One vehicle crime were recorded.
  • Nine Bilkings (making off without payment) recorded.
  • No violent crime.
  • 27 vehicles stopped as part of a drink drive operation; one was found to have no insurance.

After questions from people at the meeting, police will look to deal with cars stopping in the bus stops on the High Street and will look into issues at Sainsbury’s where someone suggested shoplifters were using residential gardens as “escape routes”.

Neighbourhood Police Team Report

Again these are figures since last meeting:

Crime has gone up 5% but this was expected as a hangover of lower figures in the previous month due to the No Deal initiative.

13 burglaries since the last PACT meeting, including four attempts. Most offences were committed during the hours of darkness right across the area. All but one offence was committed by forcing entry or smashing a window. There have been 20 incidents of shed burglaries on the Moathouse Estate.

Vehicle crime: Two cars were stolen and 10 theft from motor vehicle offences recorded. Offences vary from insecure vehicles left with valuables on show to thefts of number plates.

Four robberies recorded since the last PACT meeting. In three of the incidents these were small items, such as mobile phones and jewellery, which were on show. In the fourth offence a male had his car stolen, which was later recovered.

Three males were arrested and are currently on bail. Enquiries are ongoing.

A question was raised over parents doing school pickup/dropoffs and blocking residents’ drives, specifically in Lyndale Drive area. Police advised it’s not the kind of thing they can afford to attend, and that it’s an issue at all schools, but there was some discussion about why this had just started, possibly due to new yellow lines.

People are reminded to leave timers on for lights in the premises if out during the evening.

As it’s Christmas, people were also advised not to leave presents on show in cars, and try not to leave presents on show around the tree in visible windows.

Wardens Report

Ten burglary victims were visited and nearby addresses also visited.

They had a good result with Public Protection on issuing a £50 fixed penalty to a resident who was seen leaving dog mess after taking their dog for a walk.

Members advised that in order to prosecute this, people should observe and contact the council, details below.

Police priorities

There was group discussion about whether these should change, but they remained the same, with police advising that these are obviously not the only areas they cover, just prioritised at the moment.

1. Castlebridge Gardens (Anti social behaviour)

2. Castle Pub

3. Moathouse Estate (Anti social behaviour)

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 4 February 2014 – Wednesfield High School, Drama Room in new building. Park on new car park on Lichfield Road and wardens will be available to direct you to the room.

How to get involved or report problems

Reports of council related matters such as dog fouling can be reported via the telephone number or email address:

• E-mail:

• Telephone: 01902 551155

For issues local to Wednesfield South (Fallings Park, Moathouse Estate, parts of

Heath Town, southern areas of Wednesfield):

• The Police telephone number is 101, then ask the operator for Sergeant

Dave Stanley at Wednesfield Police Station or the Neighbourhood Policing Team at Wednesfield

• Abdul Rahim, the Neighbourhood Safety Coordinator is happy to deal with neighbourhood safety, crime, disorder and safety related matters.

Abdul Rahim: 01902 556617

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