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Jennie Lee Centre makes way for new housing development

The Jennie Lee / Wards Bridge site demolition is under way and will be replaced by a 217 plot housing estate.

The demolition of the Jennie Lee Centre (and former Wards Bridge school) site has moved up a gear as the two large towers were removed by specialist equipment.

Wednesfield & Fallings Park Local Neighbourhood Partnership community officer Simon Hamilton arranged for former Wards Bridge School pupils to visit the site as the towers were brought down and around 30 people attended as the towers were demolished by a picking machine.

Watch video footage of the demolition here.

New Housing Estate

Taylor WImpey Jennie Lee Housing

The demolition has taken place after Wolverhampton City Council sold the land to developers Taylor Wimpey, who are planning to build a 217 property housing estate.

The development will see a mixture of 64 2-bedroom homes, 130 3-bedroom homes and 23 4-bedroom homes, including terraced, semi-detached and detached houses and a small number of apartments. All houses will feature at least two off-street car parking spaces per plot, including garages and driveways, while each apartment will include at least one parking space.

The new homes will be traditional in design and in keeping with surrounding residential areas and the vast majority of plots will be 2 storeys, with the exception of 10 plots of 2½ storeys (2-storey homes with rooms in the roof space) and 12 apartments in two 3-storey blocks.

A total of 25% of the new homes (54 plots) will be designated as affordable housing. Affordable homes will be provided by a local housing association and 80% will be available for affordable rent and 20% for shared ownership.

As part of the development proposals, the southern section of the site (nearest to the Sanderson estate) will be made available to the local community as an area of green open space for recreation. Taylor Wimpey will also provide funding towards the ongoing maintenance of this open space.

More information on the development plans can be found at

Road names to reflect site history

Wednesfield & Fallings Park Local Neighbourhood Partnership have been working closely with Wolverhampton City Council and Taylor Wimpey and it is hoped that several of the new road names will reflect the site’s history.

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One reply on “Jennie Lee Centre makes way for new housing development”

Pity they couldn’t have spared the lovely wooded area bordering Lakefield Road. It has been decimated..ripped out. Its so sad. We remember it being planted, and have watched it over the years develop into a truly beautiful wildlife site. Surely it could have been an asset to the project. Still, they can cram a few more houses in!

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