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Recycling company launches online recycling video competition

Electrical recycling company Bozowi are giving people, companies and organisations a chance to win one 19 cash prizes in an online video competition.

Electrical recycling company Bozowi are giving people, companies and organisations a chance to win one 19 cash prizes, the highest being £1000 (£500 for them and £500 for a selected charity of their choice) in an online video competition.

The entrant’s experience is irrelevant and the video’s professional quality is not important. It’s all about how they make it not what they make it with. It can be done in one take on a mobile phone or webcam, or it can be a sophisticatedly edited piece shot on DCLR or 16mm.

As long as the film /video refers to recycling, it can be about anything the entrant wants and within any genre.

The competition is open for entrants from the 20th January 2014

What is the Competition for?

The competition is aiming to bring together different people’s stories and opinions about recycling. From students to factory workers, artists to businesses and organisations.

The competition is just as much about giving people and companies a voice, than it is to raise the awareness on recycling.

How the Competition Works

1. Create a Recycling themed video following these rules:-

– “Bozowi Video” must be added somewhere in your video title and display our websites URL ( in the description.

– The video must be suitable for ages 15+

– Must be a minimum of 30 seconds in duration.

2. Upload the video to YouTube, Vimeo, YouNow or Daily Motion.

3. Like our Facebook Page.

4. Follow us on Twitter.

5. Fill in the form below to enter the competition.

What is there to be won?

Each week we will longlist two of the best videos (both winning £25 each straight off) and at the end of the month all 8 longlisters will compete in a semi-final decided by public vote, the winners will receive £100 and will qualify for the final. After 2 months the 2 finalists will go head-to-head in a final public vote, the winner will receive the grand prize of £1000. Here is a diagram illustrating how our competition works:-


All winners will be announced via Bozowi’s Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you like and follow us to find out if your video makes it through to the next stage.

The final winner of the Grand Prize will be invited to come down to the Bozowi HQ and pick up their prize face to face.

When does this competition end?

Competition entry closes on 27th March 2014, the sooner you enter the competition the more chance you have to win! So submit your creation as soon as possible!

To submit your video, click here to go to the competition page.

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