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Police Warning Re “unusual chalk markings”

Police are asking residents to remain vigilant for unusual white chalk markings that are appearing on residents pavements across the city

It seems there maybe some truth in the old chalk marking urban legend, this morning we received this communication from West Midlands Police.

This is an URGENT message from Lauren Evans at West Midlands Police.

We are asking residents to remain vigilant for unusual white chalk markings that are appearing on residents pavements across the city.
If you come across any strange chalk markings outside of yours or another’s property it is urgent that you call your Neighbourhood Team or 101 immediately.

We have experienced burglaries across the city where these markings have been draw outside the property on driveways or pavements and believe they may be characteristics of a coding system to indicate what action is to be taken by criminals.
For example, the marking of an ‘X’ sign indicates a ‘good target for burglary’.

Please stay attentive and report any unusual behaviour or markings to Police.

They have also shared the same to our Facebook Page.

Read the Express & Star coverage here

We have taken the decision to turn off commenting on this post – as we acknowledge in the first line of this piece we are aware of the old urban legend ref Chalk marking but we decided to run this piece as the information was provided to us via a Lauren Evans from a West Midlands Police email address – not some random forward or share on the internet.

Comments calling us names and being abusive because you think we have had the wool pulled over our eyes or have been duped when we have received our information from an official source are neither useful or warranted.


17 replies on “Police Warning Re “unusual chalk markings””

The Express and Star are idiots. The BBC do a little thing called “actual fact checking” before calling a hoax the real deal. As the link will state, the police are not even aware of any criminals using this chalking method to single out target houses to burgle, so how could they have issued a warning? Use your loaf, people! Unless something comes officially from the police via their website, anyone moron can claim “but the police said so!” I still cannot believe people are so easily duped into believing these kinds of hoaxes.

Its not stupid, its to mark properties for OTHER members of the same gang to go back to, The first are scouts, they scout properties that look vulnerable or have items of value in view,

Its true I first came across this when I lived in spain.the marrocans leave different signs on the path outside the house that they know to be empty at certain knock on doors n if there is no answer they mark the path for the thieves to act on.very organised syndicates

Marks on gateposts were used in a similar way some years ago. The ‘marked’ houses were burgled. Be warned!! Burglars rarely work in isolation.

Believe everything you read. No really. Don’t question sources of papers sold by using fear and greed.

This stems from Vagrants (tramps) markings of long ago, certain marks were left to indicate that people were either- generous or mean, why would potential burglars who have the ability to txt etc do this especially in thee UK where it rains every other day ?

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