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Growing up in Wednesfield. Memories of a Resident

Memories from a resident

I was born and I grew up in the village of Wednesfield there was  my parents and two older sisters.  My brother was born later.

We lived in a tiny terrace house and there were several houses which all backed onto a yard. On our Birthdays all the parents  made jellies and trifles for the party and we had tables and chairs outside in the yard.  We all went to Neachells Lane School. During the school holidays the children all played together in the yard, skipping, football and many more games, and most times our parents would join in with us.

We also made a little stage and danced and sang for our parents.

Every year Wednesfield had a Carnival for the people of Wednesfield and the children from the yard entered the contest, our parents made our clothes and dressed us up and we very often won a prize.  With the winnings we were took to the seaside usually Blackpool so we could ride the donkeys.

In 1953 we celebrated the Coronation with a big party, unfortunately we could not have the party outside in the yard because it was raining. The council was good enough to loan us the Wednesfield Institute so we had a great time with jelly and trifles singing dancing and playing games. Celebrating the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth.

One by one we moved from the yard because the houses were condemned but we all kept in touch with each other.  Anyone who was born and bred in Wednesfield always refer to it as the “village”.

We all had many happy memories which we will never forget.

Jacqueline (Tonks) Lewis


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HI Remember the yard was it a arch entrance ?some houses and use to be a yard for council one family I remember craven had a Daughter marry one of the shops was that side Salts Shel
lton’s hubbull’s across the road wotton’s oaks howes

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