Water supply issues in WV11 – Severn Trent update

There have been multiple issues with water supplies in WV11 and surrounding areas recently. These include low pressure and no water at all for several nights at the end of May.

Wednesfield North Councillor Phil Bateman has been in contact with Severn Trent and urged them to communicate better with customers over these issues – we have also been posting regular updates on our social media profiles.

You can read more about this on Cllr Bateman’s website here and here.

These are the key points:

• ST supplies of raw water are sufficient – reservoirs are around 85 per cent full. The problem is getting water treated and pumped quickly enough.

• ST are treating and pumping more water into the network than any time in thier history, over 2,000 million litres a day. They are fortunate to benefit from the billions of pounds that have been invested in recent years to strengthen supplies and reduce leakage (which is now at its lowest level for 20 years, despite a growing network). Their workforce is doing a fantastic job whilst still maintaining social distancing.

• The challenge is that demand has risen by on average 20 per cent and in some areas by as much as 40 per cent. May has been one of the warmest, driest on record and more people are at home because of the C19 emergency.

• When demand outstrips supply many people suffer from low pressure or, in some cases, lose supplies – usually during the evening peak.

• Our message to the public is: Please do not use hosepipes, sprinklers or refill children’s paddling pools to ensure there’s enough water for everyone to use, especially at this time of national need.

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