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We are of the opinion that we are here to post news and information about local events and our readers provide their opinion. We only tend to provide opinion in response to comments posted.

We encourage visitors to our website (, our Facebook page and any other website we may have a profile on to comment and make their feelings known, however we ask that you keep it civilised by following the following guidelines. Thanks!

  • Be constructive. If you dont like something, or dont agree with something, say why. Expand on your views and thoughts
  • Dont self-promote too much. We dont mind you putting links to relevant blog posts in comments or websites, but if you keep linking to Mr Taylor’s Repair Shop and your name is Mr Taylor then we’ll probably remove, or edit, your comments.
  • Don’t say anything defamatory. Defamation is a law that protects the reputation of people, don’t say something about someone that you can’t provide evidence for. If a comment is likely to be defamatory, we’ll take it down if asked to and you’ll most likely be banned from making comments in future. We have to be very careful here else we’ll get in trouble.
  • Respect the privacy of others. From time to time we may post controversial or “breaking” news articles. These articles are in the interest of the local community and are often in response to stories readers have posted on our Facebook page. We ask that everyone uses a common sense approach when commenting and does not post comments containing unconfirmed information on such stories.
  • Authors may reply. Please keep in mind that people who write for this website are volunteers, a lot of people write about their passion or hobby. If you’re going to slag them off or comment, be constructive and be aware they might reply in the comments and challenge you. Be prepared to respond to their argument.
  • Use your real name. (If you can.) Don’t be a keyboard warrior, if you say something on the web you should be confident enough to say it offline. We believe that it’s easy to be less than civil when hiding behind a pseudonym rather than accepting personal accountability so we’d prefer real names, please.

The administrators of and all associated pages reserve the right to remove comments or content where were they fall outside of these guidelines or are deemed to be libellous, malicious or where they could cause distress.


If you want to make a complaint about a comment or something we’ve posted, please email us so we can discuss it.

Guidelines based on Lichfield Live “keeping it healthy”.

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