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Warning to local businesses – Scam advertiser alert

It has been brought to our attention that there are calls being made to local business by a representative of a “magazine” trying to sell advertising  saying they are working on behalf of West Midlands Police – THIS IS NOT TRUE. West Midlands Police do not work with any third party advertisers. As a force, […]

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Beware of Doorstep Credit Card Scammers

West Midlands Police are circulating this warning:  There is a new and clever credit card scam – be wary of those who come bearing gifts. Please circulate this to everyone you know, especially your family and friends.  It just happened to someone a week or so ago in St. Albans, and it can pretty well […]


Wednesfield news round up (19th Oct 2011)

A quick round up of the latest local news…

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