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Wolverhampton set to get its own version of Monopoly!

Wolverhampton is set to get the full official MONOPOLY treatment with its very own customised board, which will be out later this year in time for Christmas. And it will be the great Wolverhampton public who will get to vote for the 22 property landmarks that make it onto the board.

So, for example, Wulfruna Street could replace Mayfair from the original London MONOPOLY. Or Molineux Stadium could appear on Old Kent Road!

Nominations for landmarks and famous streets (as well as general suggestions) can be left in the comments on this post and we’ll pass them on.

Alternatively, you can email your ideas directly to wolverhampton@winningmoves.co.uk or submit them online at www.facebook.com/wolverhamptonmonopoly, or by post to: WOLVERHAMPTON MONOPOLY, Winning Moves UK, 7 Praed Street, London W2 1NJ.

Voting ends on 24th May 2013.

The board will see Wolverhampton’s finest landmarks swap places with the famous MONOPOLY London sites like Trafalgar Square and Oxford Street. In addition, the four London train stations will be handed over to a city ‘travel’ theme.

Some of the Community Chest and Chance cards are being customised too, with very bold plans for one to say ‘You will be fined for going to Birmingham’!

The Mayor of Wolverhampton Councillor Mrs Christine Mills, a self-confessed MONOPOLY fan who plays using the dog counter attended the launch event at the band stand in West Park today.

Councillor Mills said: “MONOPOLY is a classic game for all the family and it’s fantastic news that, nearly 80 years after it was first launched, the great and greater Wolverhampton public will be able to expand their property empire by snapping up some famous landmarks in Wolverhampton!”.

The new MONOPOLY: Wolverhampton Edition will be available from this October in time for Christmas – very extensively online and at all good toy and book stores – including at: Amazon.co.uk, Ocado, Toys R Us, Waitrose, Waterstones, WH Smith and The Works.

Nominations for landmarks and famous streets (as well as general suggestions) can be left in the comments on this post and we’ll pass them on.

Alternatively, you can email your ideas directly to wolverhampton@winningmoves.co.uk or submit them online at www.facebook.com/wolverhamptonmonopoly, or by post to: WOLVERHAMPTON MONOPOLY, Winning Moves UK, 7 Praed Street, London W2 1NJ.

Voting ends on 24th May 2013.

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27 Responses to Wolverhampton set to get its own version of Monopoly!

  1. I wonder if the train stops could be changed to metro stops? The ones at the Wolverhampton end?

    Would be nice to see a Wednesfield landmark, but I can’t think of anything large or iconic enough other than Bentley Bridge! Other thoughts: Essington Fruit Farm, Northycote Farm

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  3. James Clarke says:

    Surely Wednesfield High Street / market is noteworthy enough, just like Bilston as a former Urban District of it’s own?!

  4. John A Hay says:

    Include Bantock House; The Mount; Wightwick Manor; Princes Square, etc with a) Rail Station; b) Coach “Station”, c) Bus Station & d) Metro terminus for four “stations”. Cheers

  5. Ade says:

    Surely you can’t select the Bus Station when half of the servies don’t even stop there!

  6. Julie Tickell says:

    I would have loved to see Bushbury Baths but sadly demolished now … Goodyear Tyres, Stafford Road, Art Gallery, Wolverhampton Girls High School and the Boys Grammar School, Express and Star, club Lafayette (has that gone?), Kipps Wine Bar, The Grand Theatre, West Park and you surely can’t be without ‘man on a horse’

  7. Danny says:

    I’d add the Sunbeam factory as an historic landmark and a sign of the cities heritage, Theres also the civic centre and the university that could be used

  8. Danny Cannon says:

    Hey hows about using a group of sites in Bilston,such as:-Mount Pleasant and the Robin2,Wellington Road with the Bilston girls high school and High Street with Bilston Market.Then there’s Oxford street with St Marys,Wolverhampton street with Hickman Park and Church Street with Bilston Town Hall. I dont see why the surrounding areas of Wton should not be included so further to that use some housing estates ie:- The Lunt,Stowlawn and Low Hill,give it a touch of reality so to speak,East Park,West Park and Hickman Park all could be included.Worth a consideration dont you think, Keep out thoss road!Danul!

  9. Chris Hughes says:

    Got to have the Tap & Spile pub in there :)

  10. The Job Centre – Mayfair

  11. janet scrivens says:

    St thomas church in wednesfield and st peters church in wolverhampton both iconic land marks or the molineux hotel it has history

  12. Trevor Lloyd says:

    St Peters church and gardens, the West Park, Wightwick Manor, the Art gallery, the central library, Bantock house and the train station.

  13. John Wright says:

    I would like to nominate my company T A Henn & Son Ltd to be included.

    As one of Wolverhampton’s longest established businesses, T A Henn has a history that stretches back six generations to when it was founded in 1847.

    John Henn is the current managing Director and sixth generation in the family business. Just as passionate about the store and as keen as his ancestors to be involved with key trade associations, such as the National Association of Goldsmiths (NAG) for which he is a former Chairman of, and The World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO), John is aiming to ensure good standards across the industry. John maintains the store’s reputation with the greatest care and attention along with raising money for local charities, most recently by climbing Europe’s highest mountain – Mont Blanc – along with his climbing partner, raising £10,000 for the Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital.

    In 2012 T A Henn celebrates its 165th anniversary. As relevant as ever, the store in an integral part of the city; its name is synonymous with quality, trust and distinction. As part of its commitment to the city, John is heavily investing into a significant store refurbishment which will be completed by the end of the summer, along with a new cutting edge online store that will hopefully go live within the month, this new website is built with the long-term aim of competing with national jewellery chains.

    We are located on Princess Street next to the Royal Bank of Scotland. Any enquiries can be made via email: info@tahenn.com or call us on 01902 429409. We also have a facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/tahennjewellers

    We would be very proud to be a part of this local edition of the world renowned board game in some way.

    Many thanks!

  14. David Potts says:

    I’d like to nominate the building site hoarding around the bus station. It was erected around four years ago before the building began, and it remains almost two years after the station was completed. It is edging towards qualification for listed status. Awesome construction.

  15. Glen Cashmore says:

    The ABC Cinema

  16. harriet wood says:

    Man on the horse definitely! New cross hospital. Banks’ s brewery I would have thought. lich gates is one of the oldest streets ! Heath town for the brown sites.

  17. Rach and liv says:

    Tettenhall upper and lower green. Wightwick manor. Northycote farm. Moseley old hall. Tettenhall trail and canal. All the blue plaque properties. St Michaels church.

  18. Cammy Gill says:

    University of Wolverhampton! Babylon! Walkabout! Indi! Molineux! Goalpost! Wolves is great!

  19. Cammy Gill says:

    And Asda!!!!!

  20. joe says:

    Tettenhall for Mayfair. Who cares about the rest

  21. Donna ODonnell says:

    The House on the Wednesfield Road where the preacher Kevin lives , everyone knows his house . I do know him personally and has worked along side myself on Decent Homes . He is a great man .Kevin is also great friends with the Cowboy as he was known back in the days with his ghetto blaster !!

  22. anna sidebottom says:

    The molineux. something in wednesfield please

  23. Rowl says:

    Wednesfield Aces Cycle Speedway Club and Roger Ellis – World Champion. Established on Ashmore Park WV11 2JW since March 1962. Wednesfield Aces is the countries most successfully Cycle Speedway Club. The voluntary run, self funded club continues to race on a national and international level encouraging new members young and old to try out the sport.

  24. F.harpur says:

    Civic centre
    Wolverhampton Girls High

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