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Marks & Spencer finally coming to Wednesfield?

Here’s a strange one for you! According to the store locater section of the Marks & Spencer website there is a Marks & Spencer Outlet at Bentley Bridge Retail Park in Wednesfield.

Now, as far a we know there has never been a Marks & Spencer store at Bentley Bridge and yet the M&S website claims that the store is ‘closed for 7 weeks’. Does this mean that a new store is about to open?


A phone call to Marks & Spencer’s head office didn’t shed much light on the situation either – they confirmed that the Bentley Bridge outlet store is on their system, but it’s not on their ‘new store location’  lists which includes stores that are opening soon. And just like the store locator on the website, they don’t have a phone number for this store on their system either, which means it can’t already be open.

Back in 2007 the Express & Star reported that Marks & Spencer had applied for planning permission to open a ‘Superstore’ in one of the empty units at Bentley Bridge, but it would appear that this never materialised. The listing on the Marks & Spencer website also specifies the the ‘current’ store as an ‘outlet’ and not a ‘superstore’.

So does this mean that Wednesfield is due to get a new Marks & Spencer in the near future, as well the already confirmed new Aldi supermarket? Or are we on a wild goose chase?

If you have any information or can shed any light on the situation, please get in touch!

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It does not really say much it is only a small piece and does not say what promoted it, just says that M&S have admitted it was an admin blunder on their shop finder function and M&S were looking at that location at one point but the deal fell through.

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