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Ashmore Park Police Liaison Meetings

Community Crusader Irene Dodd has some more information for us – this time it’s about Police Liaison meetings in Ashmore Park. If you want to have your say about crime in the local community or speak to a local bobby, this is the place to do it!

“The next Ashmore Park Police Liaison meetings will be held at the Community Centre on Griffiths Drive, on Tuesday September 22nd and Tuesday November 24th. Meetings begin at 7pm and are open to any resident who lives in the area between Kitchen Lane, Linthouse Lane, Lichfield Rd and the boundary with Walsall.

These meetings give residents an opportunity to find out what is going on their area and, if they wish, to bring to the meeting any concerns they may have. If they want to they can talk privately to a Police officer after the meeting.

Our local “Bobbies” are P.C. Gary Nash and P.C Darren Barfield – they are assisted by P.C.S.O.s Mathew Bailey and Steven Simpson. We are proud of our area and of the very low crime rate that we have.”

Does you local community/estate within WV11 have meetings like this? If so, email us the details and we’ll post them on the site.

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