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Parking crackdown at New Cross Hospital

Double yellow lines photo by FreeFotoDouble Yellow Lines photo by FreeFoto

A storm is brewing as Wolverhampton City Council plan to increase the double yellow lines on roads near New Cross Hospital in an attempt to stop visitors from parking on the roadside.

Council bosses are about to begin a consultation on extending the double yellow lines in order to ‘fill in the gaps’ along Wolverhampton Road.

Tim Clark, spokesman for Wolverhampton City Council, said: “There is a proposal to put double yellow lines along Wolverhampton Road between its junctions with New Cross Avenue and Graiseley Lane.”

“There are already some lines there, but this would fill in the gaps. This would alleviate the problems with vehicles parking on both sides of the road which causes congestion and accidents on what is a busy stretch.”

Councillor Milkinder Jaspal, who represents Heath Town, said: “This must be welcomed – when the consultation starts it is important people have their say. When cars park up in Wolverhampton not only is it not fair on those who pay to park on site, it narrows the road and causes congestion.”

But judging by the comments left on the Express & Star’s website, both local residents who live in streets nearby and fear cars will be parked outside their homes and visitors to the hospital, who are unhappy at having to pay parking charges ranging from £2 to £5 are against the plans.

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