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Wednesfield’s Got Talent by Vivian Allman

Article by guest writer Vivian Allman.

A review of last night’s concert at St Thomas’s Church in Wednesfield starring the Ashmore Park Choir, another full house with just under £1000 pounds raised for the Christian Aid charity.

Once more Terry Green as the Musical Director has put together another wonderful Christmas show, along with Ros Green as the accompanist and John Billau as assistant conductor. Some traditional and not so traditional carols and the now legendary extra acts to accompany these, The Cornopean Brass Ensemble with Gillian Edwards had its now traditional part to play with six great pieces played in the two halves, the witty readings by Geraldine Blanchette were funny, Denis Billau’s rendition of “Fields of Athenry” was excellent, Lizzie Watson our own Nick the Vic’s daughter was wonderful in her flute solo of  “The Dance Of The Snowmen” and Clive Williams’s Dylan Thomas reading was lovely.

As always, Irene Dodd who Terry calls “The Bard of Wednesfield” gave a wonderful monologue this time on how the Angel got on top of the Tree in her usual Yorkshire style and received a very mighty round of applause. I must say that the soloist singers, Rita Williams, Sue Ridgeway and Steve Robtham were a credit to the choir and made the entire evening a joy, with the congregation all being able to take part in some of the carols made it a wonderful evening and one many people look forward to every Christmas.

And finally, the choir sang a lovely new Christmas Carol which was written by Terry Green himself, hopefully we will hear more of his own carols next year.

Thanks to Viv for this great article! If you’d like to write for WV11, please get in touch.

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