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Fake Workmen on the Prowl

We have received an email from the secretary of the Ashmore Park PACT meetings with a warning for all Wednesfield residents:

There have been two men posing as “water board” officials trying to get into houses around the area. The local Police are aware of this issue.

Remember to be vigilant. Ask for ID when anyone, claiming to be from ANY company, knocks your door and then ring the  listed company to check they are for real. You do not have to let them in to wait while you do this. Any genuine work men or representative will not have “forgotten” his I.D and will not protest at being asked.  If you are suspicious just inform them you are not available today and ask for the company to call you up to make an appointment – you do not need to give any personal details or contact numbers – if the workmen are for real the company will have your details on file.

Look out for our neighbours, especially the older ones who are particularly vulnerable and stay safe.  Visit the WM Police Safer Homes website for their advice on  distraction burglaries and bogus callers.

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