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Google Street View comes to Wednesfield

Wednesfield - Google Street View

Google has today extended it’s Street View service to cover 95 per cent of the UK, making an extra 210,000 miles of detailed mapping images available online – including Wednesfield.

As you can see by clicking on the street view image above, the majority of Wednesfield is now available to explore and you can literally ‘drive’ around the town.

There’s sure to be some interesting local sights that have been captured by Google, so if you spot something email us and we’ll most likely post about it. You might even spot yourself!

Whilst Street View has faced criticism from privacy groups, faces of members of the public are blurred out, as are car registrations. If however you feel that a Street View image has violated someone’s privacy, you can click here for instructions on how to report the image.

Happy street viewing!

4 replies on “Google Street View comes to Wednesfield”

Hi 'MeMyselfAndI'

Your 1st comment (now visible above) wasn't refused – it was just waiting to be moderated. When someone posts a comment on the site for the first time the comment is held in moderation so that an admin can check it isn't abusive or a spam message – as soon as we approve the comment it appears on the site – as both of yours have.

It's a little contradictory that you say that the street in the photo (Rookery Street) never looks that clean, as that is an actual photo of the street…looking clean?!

The Google car made a couple of visits. The pics seem to be taken in Autumn. I saw the car 3 times in an hour last June/July. I was hoping to be on it walking my son home, but they used the Autumn ones instead. :( However, I am on StreetView in Polperro! Have been waiting for streetview for round here for ages. Anyone seen themselves?

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