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Wednesfield & Fallings Park Partnership Officer takes a hike up Ben Nevis for charity

Simon Hamilton

Wednesfield & Fallings Park neighbourhood partnership officer will hike up the highest mountain in Britain to raise money for Cancer Research UK after his own father was diagnosed with the illness.

Simon Hamilton, who works for Wednesfield and Fallings Park Local Neighbourhood Partnership, will be attempting the arduous task along with his friend Diane Crutchley, a rehabilitation assistant at Warstone’s Resource Centre, in July.

Simon walked up Snowdon Mountain last year, but this time around the trek will have added significance as he hiking with his dad.

“I walked up Snowdon last year for my 40th birthday with my brothers – this year we decided to do it again but for charity,” said Simon.

“My dad had cancer of the bowel but is in remission now and is back at work and enjoying himself.

Those of you who would like to donate to Simon and Diane’s cause can visit their just giving site by clicking here: Alternatively, you can get in touch with Simon by calling 07814549416. will be donating a month’s worth of our advertising revenues to Simon’s cause – we hope you join us.

“I’m really excited because last year it was the first time all my brothers came together  as a family for years but this time we will be walking with our dad too, who although is 61 is very fit for his age and celebrating that he is in remission.”

Simon already donates to the charity every month but felt he wanted to do all he could to help others who found themselves in his dad’s position.

“With my dad’s treatment, we thought it would be a good idea to support the huge amount of research that is already being carried out, which helps to save so many lives,” added Simon.

Diane is best friends with Simon’s wife and asked if she could be a part of the slog too.

“I like walking and completed a half marathon – it’s good to stay fit but I’ve never done it for charity,” she said.

“I’m not really getting worried as it’s something I love to do. I’ve started to go out rambling on the weekends in preparation and am really looking forward to it.”

As well as raising cash for Cancer Research UK, some of Simon’s brothers will also donate money to Compton Hospice after it helped the family during an illness that was suffered by a relative.

Simon’s dad Ken added: “I’m really looking forward to the hike with my sons and am proud that we are raising as much as we can for two such good causes.”

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