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Election 2010: Your local candidates explained

Whilst WV11 aims to stay away from politics as much as possible, we feel it’s our responsibility to help make members of our local community aware of their options when it comes to local and national elections. Hopefully this post will do that.

General Information

When polls open for voting on Thursday 6th May you will have the choice to vote in both local council elections and national parliamentary elections. At a local level Wednesfield is split into two wards;  Wednesfield North and Wednesfield South. Nationally Wednesfield comes under the Wolverhampton North East constituency.

More info on wards and constituencies:

Local Candidates

Candidates standing for 2010 parliamentary (national) elections in Wolverhampton North East constituency:

Candidate Name Surname Political Party
Shangara Singh BHATOE Socialist Labour Party
Simon Geoffrey PATTEN British National Party
Emma REYNOLDS Labour Party
Julie ROOK Conservative Party
Colin Andrew ROSS Liberal Democrats
Paul VALDMANIS UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Click here for more information at

Candidates standing for 2010 local elections in Wednesfield North ward:

Candidate Name Surname Political Party
Alan William BAMBER Liberal Democrats
Catherine Victoria BISBEY Conservative Party
Neil John CLARKE Conservative Party
Carole Ann JENKINS Liberal Democrats
Rita Teressa POTTER Labour Party
Derek WATTS Independent
Derek James WOLLAM Labour Party

Voters in Wednesfield North will be entitled to 2 votes due to Conservative Charlotte Quarmby resigning her position as Councillor earlier this year.

Candidates standing for 2010 local elections in Wednesfield South ward:

Candidate Name Surname Political Party
Bhupinder GAKHAL Labour Party
Matthew HOLDCROFT Conservative Party
Oliver Roy WILLIAMS Liberal Democrats

Who to vote for?

If you’re registered to vote and are still unsure on who to vote for there are several useful websites that will help you match your views to those of a political party. Most of these sites encourage you to ‘vote for policies not personalities’ – it’s easy to be charmed by the major party leaders, but are you voting because a party leader seems like a nice chap, or because you think his party’s policies are best for you and the rest of the country?
A site run by The Electoral Commission which explains how voting and the various local and national elections work, and how to register to vote.
Vote for policies, not personalities! Complete our unique survey based on policies alone to find out who you should be voting for at the next election.
A quick and simple tool for finding out where the parties stand in the UK elections.
BBC News coverage of the 2010 election.
Detailed information on the candidates standing for 2010 parliamentary (national) elections in Wolverhampton North East.

Election Leaflets

You can view some (but not all) of the election leaflets for candidates in Wolverhampton North East below that have been uploaded by the public to

Where to find other information?

You can find more information on local and parliamentary elections (including polling station locations) on the Wolverhampton City Council website.

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